Change the way your business makes decisions today

Cerebrium is a data and AI platform for your
business that doesn't require an entire data team.

Setup takes minutes. No coding experience required

Backed by Y Combinator

Common problems growth teams face

Time Consuming

It is going to take your engineering team weeks or months to setup data infrastructure.

Lack of Visibility

You don't know whats happening in your business since it takes ages for your team to report on basic metrics.

Multiple Data Sources

You have so many data sources that to get a centralized view of your department seems near impossible.

We solve this in minutes

appion integration


Improve sales

appion integration

Google Ads

Calculate CAC

+ Many More

appion integration


Track after-sales performance

appion integration

Facebook Ads

Measure Engagement

+ Many More

Step 1. Connect Your Data Sources

We sync data from all your existing data sources with just a few clicks

We bring together data from all your favorite tools - our average client takes 7 minutes to connect all their data sources. More sources are added weekly.

Step 2. Understand your performance

Your data is automatically cleaned and ready for analysis

You have access to over 100+ metrics and dashboards to start monitoring your business instantly. Something missing? Create it with our low-code builder

Templates available on Cerebrium
AI Models available on Cerebrium

Step 3: Change the way you do business

Become pro-active in your business with our library of AI Models

Forecast revenue, personalize marketing, optimize your support center and about 100 other things. Giving you the power of a 10 person team in a few clicks. We are changing the way you do business!

Built for everyone


We give you an end-end scalable data platform so you can attend to the other 100+ problems you have.

Marketing Manager

Connect you marketing data sources and have access to specialist recommended metrics that attribute correctly.

Head of Sales

Connect your sales software and get told what channels to focus on for high converting leads.


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